Zack’s Top Priorities


     Creating Jobs – Crossed Party lines vote YES on a Transportation bill that they estimate will create 60,000 new good paying jobs.


Fiscal Responsibility – Voted 6 times to lower taxes while still managing to balance the budget.


Making Government More Responsive – Introduced legislation to limit campaign contributions.  They are currently set at $11,500.  Zack proposed these limits be lowered to $2,500 to mirror Congressional limits.  He also proposed that children no longer be allowed to donate.  This loophole allows rich interests to skirt the law by making contributions in their kids’ names.


Standing Up for Veterans – As a member of the Veteran Affairs committee, Zack sponsored legislation to eliminate hunting and fishing license fees for Veterans.  Zack also sponsored a fund raising drive to buy a retired Veteran a new home when the city of Akron tore down his old one.







More Work Ahead:


Fighting rising health care costs

The greed of our pharmaceutical companies and HMO’s are driving our health care costs through the roof.  It’s time for government to step in and put a stop to this.



More Campaign Finance Reform

Special interest money from lobbyists is causing our representatives to do things they wouldn’t do if they were truly looking out for us.  We must stop this.  I will introduce legislation to greatly reduce the amount of money these lobbyists may contribute.   It’s time for our government to work for the people.


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